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“Fratelli Tutti”:

Stark reminders to be (much) wiser in the digital age

It is remarkable that an organization that has been around for two millennia is able to deeply reflect on contemporary matters – with great relevance. The Catholic church is certainly not without flaws and its doctrines have not always been “wise” by many standards. Nevertheless, Pope Francis’ third papal letter or encyclical, “Fratelli tutti” (=”All […]
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Contemplation of a believer

Creed in a Loving God

I believe in a loving God. A God whose love is infinite, and whose love works in ways beyond human comprehension. I believe that we experience God and his love unconstrained by time and space. I believe that God grants us all intelligence and talents to be progressed and to help other men. He made […]
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A Thank You Note

Who Knew?

For all its pivotal utilities, the calendar system also sets benchmarks in our lives so that we can see our life journey in sections like days, months, and years. It enables us to review our past and plan for the future. But most of the time we do not know the full extent of what we do today will bring us in the future. Just like we didn’t know that something small in the past actually brought something we value dearly.
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Bukan Salah Mereka, Kawan!

Akan jadi salah kita, Kawan Kalau perjuangan ini kembali terpuruk Kalau rakyat hidup makin buruk
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Maafkan Kami Bangsaku

Maafkan kami bangsaku Maafkan kami yang selalu ribut Maafkan kami yang sering maruk Sementara kau terus hidup dalam kabut Makin lama hidupmu makin terpuruk
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Twenty-three Years of Learning and Moving On

Thank You to You All

Twenty-three years—a flash in time for some, an eternity for others. For me at the moment, it’s simply my entire living journey—a journey in which I am grateful for all its joy and sorrow, its hardships and pleasure, as well as its passion and madness.
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Senangnya si Anak Jalanan

Banyak yang bilang aku kotoran kota Banyak yang tuduh aku bandit kecil Banyak yang vonis aku anak rusak Biarlah... aku toh tetap senang
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Asian Tsunami Disaster

A Solemn Christmas Carol

May Christmas spirit voyages through all lands For us to lend our hands So it can be strengthen That we all are brethren
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