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By: Philip Bowring / International Herald Tribune

The Invisible Giant of Southeast Asia

While the outside world gets excited over the economic rise of China and India, it seldom stops to notice the equally remarkable transformation of Indonesian politics in the 10 years since the downfall of the 30-year authoritarian rule of President Suharto.
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By: Nawa Tunggal / Kompas

Potential Production of Second Generation Biofuels

Indonesia has a huge potential to produce second generation biofuel that can be produced from waste, residue, and non-crop plants. Second generation biofuel does not compete with sugarcane, corn, wheat, palmoil, or other plants that require large area of land such as jatropha.
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Oleh: Nawa Tunggal / Kompas

Bahan Bakar Alternatif Potensi Produksi “Biofuel” Generasi II

Indonesia memiliki potensi besar untuk memproduksi generasi kedua biofuel yang dapat dihasilkan dari limbah, residu, serta tanaman nonpangan. Generasi kedua biofuel ini tidak "memakan" tanaman tebu, jagung, kedelai, minyak sawit, ataupun bahan baku yang membutuhkan area lahan seperti biji jarak pagar.
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