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By: Kishore Mahbubani

Indonesia Has Played a Heroic Role in the Transformation of Asia

I have no doubts that Indonesia will be part of this great transformation of Asia. Indeed, Indonesia has already played a heroic role in the transformation of Asia. lt has successfully made one of the most difficult transitions any society has to make: the transition to full democracy. This is a remarkable story which has not been fully understood by the world.
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Prayer for Interfaith Meetings

God of all creation, we stand in awe before You, impelled by visions of the harmony of humanity. We are children of many traditions – inheritors of shared wisdom and tragic misunderstandings, of proud hopes and humble successes.
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Land of Wonders, Sea of Sensations

A Lovable Indonesia

Indonesia. A land of wonders, a sea of sensations. A spectacular display of nature at its finest. A grand gesture of warmth and kindness of the more than 200 million lives that call Indonesia home. An astounding assortment of rich history and genuine desire for a brighter future.
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Cross-Cultural Management

Komunikasi dan Manajemen Lintas Budaya

Semboyan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika memiliki dua elemen yaitu perbedaan dan kesatuan. Jangan kita menafikan perbedaan dengan hidup dalam ilusi bahwa terdapat satu budaya Indonesia, tetapi let’s cherish and manage the differences. Rule of thumb setiap kali kita berinteraksi dengan budaya-budaya yang berbeda adalah: it’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s just different.
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