This section contains personal short contemplations where most of them are inspired by daily affairs and predicaments. For comfort reading, the updates will be placed on top. Although all of them are original, in case of similarity with quotes from they who enjoy the benefit of fame, I presume I must yield. Nevertheless, minds are irreproducible and contemplations will be of greater use when shared.
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Changing opinions is not necessarily a sign of inconsistency, but may also be a sign of continuous thinking.

Alone and loneliness are two mutually exclusive things, one doesn’t need the other.

Humanity has come this far and yet wars are still being waged – just more civilized, so they claim…

A good child does not simply obey his parents but give them the respect and love they deserve.

A thief is as legit as a priest to tell people not to steal. The problem is not on the messenger, it’s on the listener.

Holy Scriptures do not use holy words and sentences, they promote holy hearts.

In the afterlife salmon is the proudest fish of all – he can say to the other fish that he swam against the stream for his beliefs and die.

Sincere smiles and laughs are a fraction of heaven – imagine how we can make our lives a paradise.

Difference between good and evil is crystal clear – you just need the right amount of light and the correct angle to see it through clearly.

The most spoken language is not English, but the language of love. Too bad, there are very little courses that teach it, and even less good students…

The crusades are the perfect miniature of all conflicts of mankind: catastrophic mayhem of greed in the name of holiness with unbearable cost and no winner. Even worse, they go in series with humankind as the big loser.

If people gave applause when Emperor Augustus was dying, I want them to give standing ovations on my time.

A well-mannered gentleman might carry two handkerchiefs: one for him and one for his escorted lady; but he certainly does not carry two hearts as a spare when one is broken …

Candlelight dinner supposedly meant for both hearts to outshine the candle.

The clock is ticking, so is our heart beating. What else do we need to realize that our dying time is closing? Make the best out of the beats left in us.

Identity defines who you are; integrity defines what you really are…

One of the biggest insults to love is when someone defines it as a mere lust.

A serpent may be dangerous, but at least it does not start with seduction….

A dead parent leaves profound sadness and loss, a walk-away parent marks an open wound…

The ultimate praise to God is not through songs and devotions, but to make someone else praise Him for knowing you.

Love is not blind; we just refuse to open our eyes…

Acquaintance is someone you greet. Friend is someone you have fun with. Good friend is someone you feel comfortable around. Best friends are people who greet each others’ hearts.

Man and boy are biological descriptions – father and son are affectionate depictions.

God and religions are like conductor and tablatures in an orchestra – if it is out of tune it’s because the players can’t read the tablature in front of them and play in harmony as conducted.

A frosty winter may kill with its temperature, but a cold heart can make millions suffer with just a stroke of pen or by simply doing nothing…

Childhood and purity started altogether; unfortunately adulthood and maturity do not.

Deliberate oblivion of oneself through ecstasy for pursuit of fake pleasure is an utter disregard to the completeness of human kind.

The real questions are not whether the cup is half full or half empty – but how can it be filled and with what.

There are no dead languages – there are only murdered languages; thus let us hope that the language of love will survive for eternity.

Humanity responds to benevolence as it does to music – people like different kinds of music with various expressions, but they all concur the concept of music itself is astounding yet simple.

To act like a gentleman is a temporary mask and merely a façade, meanwhile being a gentleman is a lifetime commitment to virtues and honor…

The worst agony of life is the one created by oneself, not others; accepting that it was not made by others will ease the pain for knowing oneself can change it …

Laughter makes a significant part of a good friendship. Tears make it complete.

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