Michael-Raphael Citrasena Nareshwara Cakti Gutomo Putrawenas


Michael is a well-rounded (figuratively and literally) international professional, with broad managerial experience covering complex commercial deals, technical concept selection, social-environmental performance, and integration of them all. His integrative leadership skills have been proven across geographies and cultures. He has lived and worked in Australia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, and the United States. Before Covid-19, he enjoyed traveling for business and especially pleasure. He has visited 47 countries and regions across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, and Antarctica. 

As he builds a solid career in an international energy company, his personal interests span from climate change, energy transition, sustainability, governance, socio-political issues, history, music, and most of all: gastronomic pleasures and the wines and whiskeys that go along with them. 

Behind the Names

The name ‘Michael’, obviously after the Archangel St Michael, was officially given at a baptism ceremony in St. Therese Catholic Church, Jakarta. The same church will also witness the Confirmation Sacrament and yet another additional name of ‘Raphael’ seventeen years later by His Eminence Julius Cardinal Darmaatmaja., the Archbishop of Jakarta at the time.

‘Citrasena’ was an imperial commander mentioned in the ancient scroll of Mahabharata, meanwhile ‘Nareshwara’ in Sanskrit means emperor, and the word ‘Çakti’ is a description of having magical and miraculous quality. Indeed at times there is a thin line between wishful thinking and being aspirational – nevertheless, all with good intention of course.

Since it is not common for Javanese paternal line to inherit family name, the phrase ‘Gutomo Putra’ was added to serve as a kind of surname; ‘Gutomo’ was a copy from the paternal name and ‘Putra’ is the Indonesian word for ‘son’.

And thus, the ‘short’ version of the name: Michael C.N.C.G. Putra.

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