Asian Tsunami Disaster

A Solemn Christmas Carol

Christmas we celebrate with peers
Calamity they suffer with tears
Lingering carol we sing
But what they hear is the malady of the dying

May Christmas spirit voyages through all lands
For us to lend our hands
So it can be strengthen
That we all are brethren

No matter how big the tides
God bless you all my friends

-Rotterdam, December 28, 2004

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    Michael is a professional leader in the fields of energy investments, complex commercial deals, and sustainability with extensive international experience. His personal interests span from socio-political issues, history, and culture.

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    The Strategic Case of Climate Change for Indonesia

    It is critical to frame the issue of climate change as a problem to the population. It should not be seen only as a problem to the environment, since it also poses grave challenges to social and economic development. Planet Earth has been in existence for more than four billion years and has gone through solar storms, meteor impacts and several ice ages. Several dozens of high-grade hurricanes and meters of rising sea level will not jeopardize the planet as much as it will demolish the people living on it.The window of opportunity for Indonesia to embed climate change considerations into its development plan and muster international support to undertake a low carbon development is still open – but not for long.