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A Research Outline

Terrorism Coverage in the Indonesian Media

This research proposal was submitted and approved as the Bachelor thesis research International Business Administration -Erasmus University Rotterdam. Due to technical practicalities the original footnotes and appendices are omitted.
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Virginia Plan vs New Jersey Plan

Notes from Philadelphia Convention 1787

The following fictional newspaper articles depicts the fundamental differences between Virginia and New Jersey Plan that became the main issues during Philadelphia Convention in 1787. This convention may well be one of the early pillars of modern democracy.
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A Semi-Fictional Script

Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Old Ironsides

In 1830, young Oliver Holmes wrote a contradictive poem entitled 'The Old Ironsides'. The poem was about a United States Navy battleship USS Constitution that was about to be dismantled. This fictional script adopts the setting similar to that of a television talkshow. Although the characters represented in the script are not completely accurate and some even blundered for comedy effects, the facts about Mr Holmes and USS Constitution are real.
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