“Fratelli Tutti”:

Stark reminders to be (much) wiser in the digital age

It is remarkable that an organization that has been around for two millennia is able to deeply reflect on contemporary matters – with great relevance. The Catholic church is certainly not without flaws and its doctrines have not always been “wise” by many standards. Nevertheless, Pope Francis’ third papal letter or encyclical, “Fratelli tutti” (=”All […]
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Merit-based vs. Populistic Government?

A hypothesis: A merit-based government could be perceived less successful in good times because it does not give what the people “want”, but protect their “needs”. Whereas in times of crisis, the merit-based government is able to deliver what the people truly needs.
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Covid-19: leadership in convening the right experts

In the complex “war” against Covid-19, the wisdom of promptly allocating finite resources can only be achieved if leaders assemble and listen to credible experts. The leaders’ humility to admit lack of comprehension is a critical step towards saving humanity.
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“Sexy Killers” documentary:

Cleaning-up Civilization’s Combustion Chambers

Most of us in a modern society take electricity and clean air for granted. An hour of blackout and we will scramble to charge our mobiles, complain about the dysfunctional air conditioning, or missing a favorite television show. We feel we are entitled for the electricity services because we duly pay our monthly dues. As […]
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A Documentary Shows Political Maturity of Indonesian Grassroots

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Resilience

Several international friends have asked the question, how come Indonesia managed a relatively peaceful transition of power over the years? Even following the 1997-98 regime change that involved some dark violent episodes, the country quickly re-established order and peace. Why is that despite the bitter political fights amongst the factions, the nation has not disintegrate […]
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Contemplation of a believer

Creed in a Loving God

I believe in a loving God. A God whose love is infinite, and whose love works in ways beyond human comprehension. I believe that we experience God and his love unconstrained by time and space. I believe that God grants us all intelligence and talents to be progressed and to help other men. He made […]
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The Antarctic Series

Part 3: Looking Back at the Preparation

Like any trip to the wilderness, good preparation counts for over half of the success of the expedition. Preparing for this trip brought some sense of deja-vu to the times when I was in the mountainering club in my high school in Jakarta many years ago. The difference is that I always went to somewhere in the tropics, and I was quite a few kilograms less back then. Fortunately this trip will not be as physically demanding compared to the mountaineering trips I did (I surely hope I am right on this).
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The Antarctic Series

Part 2: Antarctic Trivia

This post is really just some random trivia about Antarctic that I found interesting. Just to be clear, Antarctic is the one in the south. Arctic is the one in the north.
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The Antarctic Series

Part 1: Childishly Excited

The Antarctic series will touch upon issues of climate change and energy challenge, but also the experience of being part of the International Antarctic Expedition 2011.
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