A Democracy Can Overcome Extremism

The closing of houses of worship, assault on an orphanage and stabbing of a religious leader all happened in front of our eyes and under full media coverage. We cannot say that we did not see this coming. As a democratic society, the blame rests with us. The government that has done little to prevent such acts — even possibly provoking hostility toward a certain group in some instances — is, like it or not, a democratically elected one.
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Seandainya Saya Penulis Pidato Presiden RI …

Tulisan pidato ini adalah fiktif belaka yang diandaikan sebagai pidato Presiden RI. Dalam andaian itu, pidato ini dibacakan untuk menjawab keresahan masyarakat yang memilihnya untuk menjadi Presiden atas tindak kekerasan yang terjadi menjelang bulan suci Ramadhan dan peringatan hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia. Tindak kekerasan diluar hukum sebagai wujud intoleransi seharusnya tidak memiliki tempat di negara yang serius menerapkan Pancasila. Pidato ini bukanlah serta merta sebuah kritik, tetapi lebih merupakan pengharapan–pengharapan bahwa 65 tahun adalah umur yang cukup bagi sebuah Negara dan Bangsa untuk mulai beranjak dewasa; dan juga pengharapan bahwa seorang pemimpin yang terpilih secara demokratis dapat pula menegakkan asas-asas demokrasi yang fundamental, termasuk melawan dengan tegas mereka yang berusaha merusak tatanan demokrasi.
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The Strategic Case of Climate Change for Indonesia

It is critical to frame the issue of climate change as a problem to the population. It should not be seen only as a problem to the environment, since it also poses grave challenges to social and economic development. Planet Earth has been in existence for more than four billion years and has gone through solar storms, meteor impacts and several ice ages. Several dozens of high-grade hurricanes and meters of rising sea level will not jeopardize the planet as much as it will demolish the people living on it.The window of opportunity for Indonesia to embed climate change considerations into its development plan and muster international support to undertake a low carbon development is still open – but not for long.
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Oleh: Arif Havas Oegroseno

Salah Kaprah Paten Budaya

Dalam narasi proklamasi UNESCO atas wayang sebagai seni tak benda Indonesia, disebutkan ”Wayang stories borrow characters from Indian epics and heroes from Persian tales”. UNESCO menyatakan kita meminjam budaya orang lain dalam wayang kita. Apakah meminjam sama dengan mengklaim? Rabindranath Tagore dalam Letters from Java justru terharu dan bangga melihat budaya India dilestarikan di Jawa, bukannya menganggap ini sebagai klaim Indonesia, lalu marah dan meneriakkan perang.
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The Crusades Series

An Introduction

In these days and age where religious tensions are still far from over, it has become much more important for us to understand the underlying drivers of conflicts in the name of religions. Especially because when such clash happens today it will no longer be in forms of siege or epic battles between knights and spearmen but as we have seen too often it tend to take forms of bombings in civilian districts - and a nightmare scenario of nuclear or biological catastrophe.
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Soekarno's Opening Address at Asian-African Conference (Bandung, April 1956)

Let a New Asia and New Africa Be Born

Yes, we are living in a world of fear. The life of man today is corroded and made bitter by fear. Fear of the future, fear of the hydrogen bomb, fear of ideologies. Perhaps this fear is a greater danger than the danger itself, because it is fear which drives men to act foolishly, to act thoughtlessly, to act dangerously.
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TIME Magazine Cover Story (23 December 1946)

Ir. Soekarno

Most of the Indies Dutch now realize that the old days will never come again. The Dutch at home are beginning to understand that Ir. Soekarno & Co. are attempting to engineer a complete break, economic as well as political. As a result Holland's earlier, more tolerant attitude toward Indonesian home rule is stiffening. But at best the Dutch faced a pretty grim prospect. Sardonic Hubertus van Mook put it this way: "There will be shooting for a long time in Indonesia, but we hope to get it on a friendlier basis."
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Mengenali Kembali Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Kebangsaan yang Merakyat dan Supel

”jang dinamakan ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ jaitoe bahasa Melajoe jang soenggoehpoen pokoknja berasal dari ‘Melajoe Riaoe’ akan tetapi jang soedah ditambah, dioebah ataoe dikoerangi menoeroet keperloean zaman dan alam baharoe ..."
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Encouraging Our Youth to Experience the Wildlife

Youth and Nature: Strangers to One Another?

It won't be surprising if only a small fraction of our city youth can relate to the smell of growing leaves, gentleness of morning dew, and rejuvenating fresh air. But encouraging our youth to experience the wildlife is by far not to turn them into treehuggers; on the contrary, it is to equip them to strike the right balance between modern living (which will become more and more "modern" in their lifetime) and environment. Moreover, invaluable leadership and character building are almost inevitable to be gained by those who undertake a journey to the wildlife.
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