T20 Indonesia 2022 Policy Brief:

A climate change investment treaty amongst carbon-critical countries

The unprecedented investment gap in energy transition requires an additional US$2 trillion/year more investment in energy systems. This investment must be focused on carbon-critical countries if the world is to see change at the required scale and pace. A growing number of private and public investors are persuaded, but they lack the certainty necessary to justify taking the economic and political risks inherent in energy-transition investment. This paper proposes a novel approach to a proven concept of more than 3,000 investment treaties currently operational: a Climate Change Investment Treaty, focused on protecting carbon-critical investment in carbon-critical countries to help navigate the wicked problem that is energy transition.

Below is a link to a policy brief co-developed with Reg Fowler for the G20 Summit of 2022, as part of the T20 publication:


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    Michael is a professional leader in the fields of energy investments, complex commercial deals, and sustainability with extensive international experience. His personal interests span from socio-political issues, history, and culture.

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