The Hague, 17 June 2006

The Yogyakarta Memoir

Dear colleagues and friends,

In the wake of the recent and devastating earthquake in Yogyakarta and its surrounding areas, the Solidarity Committee for Yogyakarta Earthquake cordially invites you to “The Yogyakarta Memoir” that will be held on:

Saturday, 17th June 2006

10.30 – 21.00 CET
The Indonesian Embassy
Tobias Asserlaan 8, The Hague

This fund-raising event will host testimonial sessions, documentary films, photo exhibition, cultural night, and a bazaar. Your presence and contribution to the event will be much appreciated. If you wish to actively participate in the event, please feel free to contact the event coordinator: Muridan via email or phone +31-617-460-954. More details including the timetable can be found at

The Yogyakarta Memoir

17 June 2006 – Indonesian Embassy: Tobias Asserlaan 8, The Hague

Yogyakarta was founded by Sultan Mangkubumi in 1756. For more than two and a half centuries, Yogyakarta and its society have experienced a multitude of episodes: from the conflict of succession in the feudal ages to the resistance against colonialism; from nationalistic to student movement; from the foundation of Taman Siswa to University of Gadjah Mada; from the status of the nation’s capital to Special Province; from the melancholic Gamelan to rock festivals. Out of this long experience, Yogyakarta has been accordingly labelled as Kota Perjuangan (City of Struggle), Kota Pendidikan (City of Education), and Kota Budaya (City of Culture). Its long and rich history certainly had left memories to everyone who had known, visited or lived in this remarkable city.

The Solidarity Committee of Yogyakarta Earthquake cordially invites everyone to share his/her testimonial about the society and the city of Yogyakarta. The testimonial can be given in forms of prose, poet, song, or documentary records such as photos or movie clips. The content of the testimonial could be historical memories; appraisal of various events e.g. politic, social and cultural; and any other memories corresponding to the daily life of the populace of Yogyakarta. A number of distinguished foreign guests who had lived or engaged socially and academically with the society and the city of Yogyakarta will be invited to share their testimonials. Those who are not able to be present during the event are warmly welcome to submit their testimonials (text –no more than ten pages), and will be read / presented in the forum as time permits. All testimonials, both oral and written, will be compiled and published. The outcome of the publication will be dedicated to the victims of the Yogyakarta Earthquake.

In the evening right after the testimonial sessions, a series of cultural performance will be staged ranging from the traditional dances to the more contemporary music. Moreover, participants are most welcome to give their donations directly or via bank transfer. At the same venue, photo exhibition about Yogyakarta exuberant life since colonial time will be held, together with pictures from recent disaster. These pictures are contribution from some journalists in Yogyakarta. For further information about this event, please contact our secretariat or the event coordinator.

Solidarity Committee for Yogyakarta Earthquake

In response to the recent and devastating Yogyakarta earthquake, the Indonesian Student Association in Netherlands together with elements of Indonesian communities in the Netherlands spontaneously initiated the “Solidarity Committee for Yogyakarta Earthquake.” This Committee immediately gained support from various Indonesian organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Committee primarily aims at providing medium and long-term support on the aftermath of the earthquake. The aid will be reserved to sustain the elementary education of the children of the victims. Not only education is pivotal by itself, but resuming normal activities with their peers is imperative for the children to overcome the traumatic experience.

Currently the Committee is in the process of dispatching envoys directly to areas hit by the earthquake. These envoys observe the actual situation on the ground as well as assess potential (local) partner organizations to properly and accountably channel the donations. The Committee holds that thorough assessments are indispensable to ensure that the funds will be astutely spent for the (elementary) education of the children.

Nevertheless, the Committee has been engaged in fund-raising early on to utilize the emotional momentum. All contributions of any nominal value are whole-heartedly welcome. Periodical report on the financial status will be made available among others through the website, Contributors also retain the right to submit request on the progress report of the Committee.

On Saturday, 17 June 2006, the Committee along with its supporters will hold a fund-raising event, namely “The Yogyakarta Memoir” where participants may share their experience and memories on Yogyakarta.

Committee Members:

Sri Margana (Chairman)
Michael C. Putrawenas (Vice Chairman)
Tita A. Listyowardojo (Secretary)
Tita A. Listyowardojo – S. Mintardjo (Treasurers)

Condorhorst 140, 2317 AX Leiden, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-71-5228209, +31-617412517

Bank Account:
Postbank 8494880
Stichting Sapu Lidi
Korenbloemlaan, 59 2343 VB Oegstgeest

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