Alone This Christmas

Christmas is a time for family and friends they say …
Christmas is a time of joy and delight
Christmas is a time to pray
Christmas makes the season bright…

Lucky them to be with the loved ones
Cheers and warmth altogether
A privilege of not being somber
For they share their love with happy tones…

Friends I surely have
Laughter will go all the way
Smiles everybody will give
And greetings will indeed sway

But surely heart can’t lie
All I want is no pie
Rude as it may
All those may go away

Bells are ringing
Carols are singing
Although deep down there’s a crying
The soreness of missing is lingering …

She is the perfect Christmas gift
The one without any slightest rift

Her voice is the silver bells
Her love is the evergreen that swells

Lucky me to have her all year long, up and down
In good and bad times
We forever share embraces
A privilege indeed to be her son

Alone may I this Christmas idly
Thanks to all her thoughts and blessings
I can always proudly say and sing: I never feel lonely …

-Rotterdam, Christmas Eve 2004

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