Adrian Bany Kansil
Jakarta. Indonesia

  Wheew...truly impressive! Essays and Verses section truly amazed me. My, my, what a person u've becomed, Porky... :P I like the website too... Keep it updated! Best of luck, dude! Keep in contact...  

  My compliment for the website. Look forward to reading your next essays...  

  Magnificent website...truly a testament of the capacity of one of the most accomplished individual I have the privilege to be acquainted with. This website reflects and takes values, ethics and critical perspective into another level. A website filled with shrewd inttelectualism presented and written in an interesting way. A work well done. Finally, in the spirit of learning and academia, I would like to exhort prospective visitors to this website with a proverb, "Qui habet aures audiendi audiat!" (Those who have ears to hear, hear!) or in this case, read. Carpe Diem, Citra!  
Erik Putera Gozal
Sydney, Australia

  Pakabar cit? be in touch - tell me if you have received my entry. nice website!  
Erik Putera Gozal
Sydney, Australia

  Hello Mike, Website looks good and professional, just like you ;) Keep up the good work and till soon. Steven  
You know...

  Michael is well spoken and articulate. He is also one of the most intelligent gentleman I have met. However it does not show his linguistic abilities. Michael will be a person to follow in his career. Enjoyed this site very much!  
J. Keawe Applewhite, M.Ed
Maui, Hawaii, USA

  top-notch !! tulisan2nya menarik buat dibaca , nice arguments.. Terus menulis dan terus berkarya..!!  
C.P.A. Yuratma

  As my former thesis partner in Erasmus, you are surely not embarassing me. It's been privilege to have you as my partner and minding your criticicality. Wes...pokoke keep'n touch...dan tetap oyee.  
Yudi Firmansyah Go
Surabaya, Indonesia

  Weleh weleh, sudah sebagus ini toh websitenya..., ck ck ck ck....hayo Bung, rock the world. Ditunggu tulisan2nya.... RI I is on your reach, keep it up dude.... (Michael Porky, Calon Presiden Indonesia, nah keren kan hehhe)  

  I see that you are still as smart as ever!! What a great husband you will one day make! Do not forget your Ol' Kentucky home!!! LOVE YOU!!!  
Carrie JoAnn Vincent Krrick
Owingsville, KY

  Happy birthday, Mike! Wishing you all the best, keep writing!  
Marc S.

  wow..great website, i like. we hope will be benefit for more people ....  
Kebumen, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

  big person that leads a bigger movement ... (promotional tagline buat lo ky, kalo setuju kbarin ya) hehehe.. kpn blk ?  
indreshwarA murniadI
pondok betung. Tangerang

  Hehehe... Porky! Run for president 2021! The best weight of candidates. Asal bagi2 perut ma rakyat, my vote will go to you. hihihi...  
Ario Lombardijen

  wah keren banget blognya!! hehehe kapan-kapan mampir yah ke blogku di dah nek!!  
adit Den Haag!
Den Haag!

  Looks very good  
Lion van Koppenhagen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  impressive design, great content. glad to find your website.  
merlyna at
Los Angeles, CA

  Looks like a newspaper... nice idea!  

  How are you doing? The site looks good. Hope to have a chat again with you soon.  
E. Schulte

  the content of your site is always impressive, as impressive as you, my friend. Proud to have a friend like you and keep on rocking Mike... RI-1? Why not =)  
hellena souisa
Jakarta, Indonesia

  Excelent! Keep good working for our country (Indonesia).  
Cekli S.Pratiwi

  nice to visit a attractive site:) anyway....many information might be helpfull for indonesian to study or working, get the info directly from someone who know netherland and an indonesian.  

  Very well designed website....I truly admire your writings and opinions. Looking forward to see you in the real world pal....  
John Kecops
Ciputat, Indonesia

  Hi Michael! Remember our meeting at Starbucks Citoz, Jakarta? Really glad to know that I have a great friend who has same vision about how to make a BETTER INDONESIA :-)....BTW, John Kecops is a Netsainers also ..wlcome to da club, Michael!  
Merry Magdalena
Depok, Indonesia

  malem pak porky.. websitenya bagus juga.. cuma pengen nanya pendapatnya tentang energi BBM baru yg baru2 ini dikembangin di Indonesia, air laut. kalo menurut u gimana dampaknya bagi lingkungan? apa ini bisa dipake buat jangka panjang? thanks!  
max mandias

  tess tesss  

  "Riders On The Strom". Riders=MP & friends, Storm=Indonesia&Wolrd. :)  
Clarence Rusli Sugianto
Jakarta Indonesia

  Wow..... speechless! keren abis deh ngeliat web blognya. Mau dong jadi mentor ku. Walau belum kenal orangnya secara langsung. Tp kayaknya bung Mic ini humoris ya...!!!!  
Anastasia Teguh Rahayu
Rotterdam, NL

  hi, pa kbr? websitenya bagus sukses selamat liburan ya slm  
den haag

  wuedan tenan, keep on rocking "the next RI-1". Looking to read your next article btw, bikin bala "MP" dong...! :)  
Eka Sumiyawati
Bekasi, Indonesia

  Excellent web dearest son! Keep up your good work - do your very best and let HIM do the rest One thing: you have to change indo ph/fax no to 74701880 Love you!  
Mama MW
Jakarta Rempoa

  I am very proud of you my dearest son! If I were given a chance to be anything I wanted to become, there's nothing I would rather be...than your mother! Love you and God bless!  
Mama MW
Jakarta Rempoa

  How an amazing Web. Are U really son of Magda Wenas ? I knew her because we're in the same year in UI. She goes to Psychology and me, to Faculty Of Law ('69)  
Heri Tjandrasari


  tes suw !!!  




  Pokimoooon....!!! What can I say... I'm so proud of you, as always :D Miss you! Much love and God bless you. XOXO  

  Quality writings of a quality person. I have nothing to say but that I'm so proud of you as always.  

  Happy Birthday. Hope to see you soon  
Lion van Koppenhagen

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  haloww...nice to see your web. see u have a web that more like mine. are you copied my web content??? thanks alot.  
Agus Hermawan
jakarta, tebet


  Ur name is eye catchy. Ur writing even more impressive. I luv the nationalism that shown on your writing.  
Melbourne, Australia

  when i search for somthing, i foung your name in it, and klik!, this web shows its quality, such as your writing i hope u still remember me, a friend from the same dorm keep in touch  
rudy susanto
surabaya, indonesia

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Zorin Muller

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